Big Changes Over Here!

Hello, everyone, Michael here, AD for… Hey, wait a second, what happened to Superlative? Who is this Blind Tiger Improv sending these emails? Friends, do not fret! Superlative has recently been established as an LLC—and to mark that occasion and new identity we felt a name change was in order. That’s right, it’s still the same quality improv but under a brand new moniker. Superlative is now Blind Tiger!

What is a Blind Tiger? Well, it’s a synonym for a Prohibition-era speakeasy. It’s a bit underground, a bit on the edge, and a place where some real interesting types are likely to be hanging out—which fits us perfectly.

And with this name change comes a few other important bits of news: Let me ask you, are you someone who wants to play but needs a little help on the backend? Then you might be interested in the brand new CO-OP PROGRAM. For a nominal membership fee, you can join an ensemble and perform monthly improv shows. More information can be found by clicking here. Each night of shows is capped by a Mixer where everyone can play! Pass this along to anyone who you think might be interested!

And our monthly Drop-In Workshop is now bi-weekly AND on Wednesdays! Yes, we heard and listened, and now every two weeks you can take a workshop from one of our experienced teachers. This month the Drop-Ins are August 14 and 28 at 7 PM at 925 South Street in Peekskill, NY. Keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming events, workshops, and shows.

With these changes, I really hope to provide more opportunities for many more people to do improv in the Hudson Valley. If you’ve been waiting to get involved, now is your chance. Keep improvising!