Superlative Improv Jam


Superlative Improv Jam

from 5.00

Wanna try your hand at improv? Looking to play with us? Then come on down to November’s Superlative Jam!

In the Superlative Jam, you’ll be paired up with our experienced performers to play in single scenes and a long form piece! We promise a supportive environment where you can try your hand at making up theater. And if you’re here to just watch, that’s okay too!

And while you’re here, enjoy a drink at Division Street Grill’s bar!

Watch or Play?:
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$5 to play

$10 to just watch

Tickets are also purchasable at the door.

8 PM, Thursday, November 29

Division Street Grill
26 N Division St.
Peekskill, NY 10566